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Mineral Resources Tasmania

Exploration Drilling Grant Initiative (EDGI) - Rnd 1 Data Now Available

Mineral Resources Tasmania has now released to Open File, Final Reports from the first round of EDGI co-funded drilling projects, completed in October 2019.

The reports cover five projects:

  • South Darwin (Copper-Gold) - Hole SDD006 - Corona Resources Ltd
  • Thomas Creek (Cobalt-Copper-Gold) - Hole TCDD004 - Accelerate Resources Ltd
  • South Comet (Lead-Zinc-Silver) - Holes SCD001 and SCD002 - Yunnan Tin Aust. TDK Resources Pty. Ltd.
  • Comstock Deep (Lead-Zinc-Silver-Tin-Tungsten-Iron-Nickel) - Hole SY800 - Australian Hualong Pty. Ltd.
  • Loyetea (Iron-Tin-Tungsten) - Hole LOY19-004 - Edrill Pty. Ltd.

Data includes the Final Reports as well as all geological, geophysical, assay and hyperspectral data collected. Drill core is available for viewing, by appointment, at the Mornington Core Library.

Valuable geological information was obtained by all projects and although anomalous zones of mineralisation were intersected, no new ore discoveries were made.

Just over three thousand metres of drilling were completed. The state government contribution toward drilling costs and helicopter support for the projects was $240 000 whilst companies contributed $340 000 towards those same costs. The total cost of the programs including earthmoving, drilling, helicopters, geologists, field technicians, assays, accommodation, truck transport, vehicle hire, fuel etc. is significantly more and estimated at around $700 000, representing a significant input to the Tasmanian economy.


Company Report - Onshore 19_8096: Exploration Drilling Grant Initiative Report South Darwin SDD006 - EL51/2008 Mt Jukes for period 16 December 2017 to 31 January 2019

Company Report - Onshore 19_8188: Thomas Creek - EDGI co-funded drilling TCDD004 final report - EL6/2013 Sorell Peninsula, Tasmania

Company Report - Onshore 19_8210: Exploration Licence 22/2010 Concert Creek, Dundas, Tasmania - EDGI final drilling project report

Company Report - Onshore 19_8209: Retention Licence 4/2009 Comstock EDGI final drilling project report

Company Report - Onshore 19_8187: EDGI final report on LOY19-004, Loyetea EL12/2014