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Mineral Resources Tasmania

Release of Tasmanian Acid Mine Drainage Management Guide

The Good Practice Guide for Management of Acid and Metalliferous Drainage (AMD) has been developed to provide guidance on how AMD is best managed on sites within Tasmania.

Mineral Resources Tasmania (MRT) managed the project, which involved significant stakeholder consultation to ensure that the Good Practice Guide (GPG) is relevant for the large and small mining and quarrying activities around the state. The project is funded by the Mining Sector Innovation Initiative Program (MSIIP), which was released as part of the State Government's 2017/2018 budget. The MSIIP funding has a number of projects which are aimed at helping to keep the mining and mineral processing industry at the cutting edge of technology and best practice.

The intent of the GPG is to abridge the current resources available for management of AMD within Tasmania and provide management solutions which are specific for the Tasmanian climate and geological setting. The GPG will not be an exclusive resource for management of AMD, but instead provide the resources for current and future operators to understand and implement leading practice techniques for management of AMD.

Download the guide and associated factsheets here.