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Mineral Resources Tasmania

Regional Airborne Geophysical Survey

Mineral Resources Tasmania, in collaboration with Geoscience Australia, is conducting an airborne magnetic and radiometric survey in a region within central and eastern Tasmania. Geophysical surveys are widely used for environmental science and land management purposes as well as for mineral and energy resources exploration. This survey will provide regional data coverage that will enable informed decisions to be made regarding natural resource management and exploration investment. It is a continuation of similar previous surveys that have covered all of western and northern Tasmania (including King and Flinders islands) and most of the Australian mainland.

Some of the survey boundaries may vary from those shown on the map above, particularly the western extent of block 2, depending on standby days incurred and other contingencies. All data from this survey will be freely available to the public after quality control checks have been performed. The survey will not involve any disturbance to the ground outside of regular airfields.

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