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Mineral Resources Tasmania

New report looking at hyperspectral analysis of minerals in altered rocks

MRT has released a technical report addressing questions relating to ‘Range anxiety’: Do the chemical compositions of minerals in altered rocks have a narrow range and does hyperspectral analysis provide good estimates of that range?

Electron microprobe microanalysis (EPMA) and HyLogger scanning were used to measure mineral compositions in typical fine-grained hydrothermally altered samples. Population statistics indicate unimodal, non-skewed, Gaussian distributions with narrow ranges of 2-13% of the full ranges between the Fe and Mg end members of chlorite and Tschermak end members of white mica. Interpretations of compositions using HyLogging data is consistent with EPMA analysis, with interpreted white mica compositions covering a narrow range and chlorite compositions more spread than that indicated by EPMA.

Find the full report here...