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Mineral Resources Tasmania

Rehabilitation at Royal George

Rehabilitation works, funded through the Rehabilitation Trust Fund, continue at the Royal George tailings site near Royal George, Tasmania. Commencing in 2008, revegetation of the tailings area and ongoing weed management has been conducted annually by LMRS Pty Ltd.

To successfully establish vegetation cover and create a stable landform, lime, fertiliser, and native seed were applied over the tailings surface on an annual basis. Over the course of the 12-year revegetation program, different revegetation techniques including mounding, fence plots, and the planting of established native seedlings were used to determine the most effective revegetation strategy and reduce the impacts of browsers. Additionally, drainage pathways were established and maintained as required to promote vegetation growth. In 2019, native vegetation was determined to be effectively covering the tailings surface, marking the completion of the revegetation works.

Ongoing weed management continues on an annual basis to maintain successful revegetation of the tailings and ultimately eradicate the gorse and Californian thistle populations in the area.

Revegetation outcomes (Photo provided by Alan Jackson, LMRS).