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Mineral Resources Tasmania

Rehabilitation at Tebrakunna Road - NE Tas

Rehabilitation works, funded through forfeited bonds, continue on a cancelled mining lease at Tebrakunna Road near Pioneer, Tasmania.

Following MRT site inspections in 2017/2018, a rehabilitation strategy was formed with the aim to return the site to a safe, stable, and self-sustaining landform. In 2019/2020, rehabilitation earthworks were completed to increase ground stability and prepare the land for revegetation. Following earthworks, a native seeding campaign took place in November 2020.

Follow-up native seed and fertiliser application was recently completed on March 21st, 2022. Prior to seed application, MRT officers conducted a drone flight in order to prioritise areas for direct seeding, assess previous rehabilitation works, and monitor erosion. Seed selection was determined based on the species present in neighbouring vegetation communities. A mixture of native seed, sawdust, and fertiliser was directly applied over two priority areas, covering 1.75 ha. The fertiliser is expected to enhance growth both germinating seed and established native vegetation.

Most of the site is now host to meaningful native vegetation germination and growth. Some areas, targeted during the recent revegetation works, remain sparse in mature vegetation. Ongoing monitoring of erosion and revegetation success will continue in order to maintain successful rehabilitation outcomes at the Tebrakunna Road site.

Drone imagery of landscape prior to most recent revegetation works.