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Mineral Resources Tasmania

Exploration licences

Exploration licences in Tasmania are initially granted for a period of five years. The term of an exploration licence may be extended at the discretion of the Minister if the holder is able to show grounds for extension.

Exploration licences may be granted for one or more of the following mineral categories:

  • Category 1:  metallic minerals and atomic substances;
  • Category 2:  coal, peat, lignite, oil shale and coal seam gas;
  • Category 3:  rock, stone, gravel, sand and clay used in construction, bricks and ceramics;
  • Category 4:  petroleum products except oil shale;
  • Category 5:  industrial minerals, precious stones, semi-precious stones;
  • Category 6:  any geothermal substance.

Exploration licences for most mineral categories cannot exceed 250km2, however category 6 (geothermal) licences may be up to 500km2, and category 4 (petroleum) licences may be up to 5000km2.

A security deposit must be lodged before a licence can be granted. The quantum of the deposit is determined by the size of the area and the program to be carried out. The security deposit may be used to remedy damage to private property or to the environment caused by exploration activities if this is not made good by the explorer

Licence holders must obtain written approval from MRT prior to undertaking any on-ground exploration. Work consistent with mineral exploration includes:

  • Conducting geological, geophysical, geobotanical and geochemical surveys;
  • Drilling;
  • Taking samples for the purpose of chemical or other analysis;
  • Using appropriate instruments, equipment and techniques;
  • Extracting and removing from the land material, mineral or other substances for testing.

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