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Mineral Resources Tasmania

Declared landslip areas

MRT has declared Landslip A and B Areas in parts of Tasmania under the authority of the Mineral Resources Development Act 1995. This is an activity that is not undertaken regularly and only a relatively small number of declared landslip areas exist (see map) compared to the much greater area of land that can be considered unstable.  These declared Landslip Areas are designed to restrict building and other activities on unstable land and The Building Act 2000 and the Building Regulations 2014 still apply to building in these areas. Consumer, Building and Occupational Services (CBOS) administers this legislation as well as the new Building Act 2016 and Building Regulations 2016.  For further advice call the Helpline on
1300 65 44 99.

Landslip A and B areas are depicted on plans held in the Central Plan Register of the Department of Primary Industries and Water.

'User friendly' versions of these plans are available as downloadable PDF files (below) that show the position of the declared landslip areas with respect to cadastre and topographic features at the time of compilation. The boundaries of the declared landslip areas have not necessarily been defined on the ground and therefore the information on these plans should be viewed as indicative only. A GIS version can be viewed relative to the properties on The LIST website (hint: to view this layer on the LISTmap click Layers then Add Layer and under the 'Geology and Soils' category ['Landslides' sub-category] add Proclaimed Landslip Zones to the view). A similar caveat applies as mentioned previously; this view is indicative only and must not be relied upon as being an accurate portrayal of the declared landslip areas with respect to cadastre. Therefore it may be necessary to consult with council, a registered cadastral surveyor and MRT to determine the precise location of the boundaries on the ground.

There should be a notation on the property title for properties falling partly or wholly within these declared landslip areas. However, accidental omissions have occurred indicating the need for due diligence. Omissions should be reported to MRT for verification and the agency will notify the Recorder of Titles as necessary.

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