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Mineral Resources Tasmania

Landslide database

MRT collects and collates landslide information throughout Tasmania to underpin its research activities and as a public service for stakeholders. Much of this information is in the form of published maps and reports which can be downloaded from the MRT website. MRT also maintains a register of information on individual landslides that has been compiled from a variety of sources. MRT encourages councils and the general public to submit information on recent landslides or landslide investigations to MRT so that it can be entered into the database where appropriate.

The features contained in the MRT landslide database can be viewed online, with summary information, using the web map viewer.

The information can be used for a variety of purposes such as allowing geotechnical practitioners to assemble available data for a given area prior to a site inspection. A snap shot of the MRT landslide database is also included in the maps of the 1:25 000 scale Tasmanian Landslide Map Series. More detailed information on individual landslides may be available by contacting MRT (e.g. dates of movement, photographs etc...).