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Mineral Resources Tasmania


Open file digital geophysical data held by Mineral Resources Tasmania may be downloaded free of charge following acceptance of the conditions of use. Statewide images of these data sets can be viewed in desktop GIS via MRT's Web map service.

Airborne geophysics

Airborne Geophysical Survey Data

Mineral Resources Tasmania maintains metadata and digital data for open-file airborne geophysical surveys over the State. This includes an Airborne Survey index of where airborne surveys (using a range of geophysical techniques) have been flown. Data from all airborne geophysical surveys conducted in the State must be sent to MRT.

Airborne Survey Search

The index of open-file airborne geophysical surveys for which digital data are held by MRT may be searched textually and/or spatially to locate and obtain specific surveys. Shapefiles (with associated metadata), tabular metadata and digital data can then be downloaded by selecting Show Map and then using the export function of the map viewer

Tasmanian Gravity Database

Tasmanian Gravity Database

Gravity Database information

View the observation point distribution map
A map showing all open-file gravity observation points may searched spatially and information about selected stations viewed.

Download the Bouguer Data
Download the entire open-file Tasmanian gravity database as Bouguer anomaly data.

Download the Residual Gravity Data
Download the entire open-file Tasmanian gravity database as residual anomaly data.

The residual anomaly is produced by correcting the Bouguer anomaly data for the effects of Moho topography and the bathymetry of the waters surrounding Tasmania at each observation point. (see MRVGP8UR1988/08 and GPCR2009_01 for details).

Gravity Base Station Data

Gravity base stations may be searched textually and/or spatially to locate specific base stations.

Mineral Resources Tasmania maintains an index of gravity base stations that can be used as reference values for future surveys. The primary network was established by Geoscience Australia with subsidiary stations being established to facilitate later regional or detailed surveys.