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Mineral Resources Tasmania

Fossicking areas

There are many localities within Tasmania where interesting lapidary and mineralogical material occur. In recognition of the recreational activity of fossicking, some of the best of these areas have been set aside for the use of fossickers. A prospecting licence is not required to fossick within declared fossicking areas. For more information on prospecting in Tasmania please click here.

Eleven  areas have been declared official fossicking areas under the Mineral Resources Development Act 1995 (MRDA). These areas, which extend from the ground surface to a depth of two (2) metres, have been set aside for non-commercial use by fossickers and gem and mineral collectors. Under some circumstances, fossicking areas may be included within an Exploration Licence. A valid prospecting licence is not required in order to collect mineral samples within declared fossicking areas.

Conditions apply to the use of fossicking areas. Fossickers should avoid causing undue damage to the land, and should take only a 'fair share' of material. Don't be greedy!  Fossicking areas are set aside strictly for the use of amateur fossickers, and cannot sustain any degree of commercial collecting. Please be considerate towards others to ensure the continued enjoyment of fossicking areas for all.

The specific locations and conditions of use of these areas can be found using the links below. Fossicking areas in Tasmania may be viewed using the MRT Map Viewer .

Current declared fossicking areas are: